Disley April Collection

This month (April), Disley Meeting are collecting for the below.



Founded by Theophilus Waldermeier, an American Quaker in 1873 in Lebanon.

There are 1,250 boarding and day students from all over the world – 45 nationalities. There are modern facilities alongside historic buildings on a 16 acre site, 750m above sea level in pine woods – a healthy place for the children. They are a recognised International Baccalaureate School.  They are regarded  as ‘a beacon of light promoting Quaker values – respect, tolerance and peaceful resolutions in a deeply divided country. It has survived invasions, occupations, civil wars, famine, disasters both natural and man-made and most recently the complete economic disintegration of the country.’ Their motto is ‘I serve’ and in their 150thanniversary in 2023 they planted an olive tree for peace and 150 saplings in the grounds. They are twinned with Sidcot Quaker School in the UK.

See the website for lovely pictures and more information here.



Ramallah Friends School

In the West Bank, Palestine.

Founded in 1869 by American Quakers the Friends’ Girls School and then the Friends’ Boys’ School in 1901. They have experienced Turkish, British and Jordanian rule and Israeli occupation and survived and served as a school, a centre for refugees, a hospital and a cultural centre for lectures, concerts and activities. They are linked to Ramallah Quaker Meeting built in 1910 in the centre of Ramallah. They have continued to provide excellent education throughout the political unrest and violence, keeping alive the hope and vision of a better future. They have 1400 students from kindergarten to the International Baccalaureate.   They hold Silent Meeting throughout the school programme to remind everyone of the presence of God in their lives. The children are encouraged to explore their individuality and their responsibility as school community members as a person of faith and to live a life of service.

See their website also for lovely pictures and more information here.