Thoughts after a lovely day

Disley Friends spent most of Saturday March 19th reminding themselves, enabled by the gentle and inspiring leadership of Jennifer Kavanagh, about Meeting for Worship. What a whole day? Yes!! Truly great!

Silent worship is how we come together even though we are all different and often hold different beliefs. It is a mysterious happening, about listening and waiting, emptying ourselves before God and responding to the moment with just ourselves. A subtle energy emerges and we sense that the quality of the silence is powerful. It aids our inner stillness and asks a sort of holy obedience from us.

From this well-spring comes: our way of doing business together, used in Northern Ireland and the UN and other places of difficult decision-making because eventually the decision is owned by all present; our way of conducting marriages and funerals which gives richness and depth to the formalities of the occasion; our way of being guided and letting the unexpected happen, allowing a solution to arrive which no-one had thought of before.

Worship takes us into the world in action and we all take responsibility  to do this. One of Mother Theresa's quotations reflects this: 'There is no such thing as a small piece of work because if we give it to God it becomes infinite'. Quakerism is about acting under concern, testing and recognising the power of a dynamic Spirit.

Well, are these claims too great for little old us in Disley? Not today because we touched that Spirit and felt its Goodness.